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The Inspirational Story of Tats Salgado and Gourmet Tuyo

Life’s challenges have a way of shaping us, guiding us through unexpected journeys and reconnecting us with what truly matters. The Salgado family of Santa Maria, San Manuel, Tarlac, experienced their fair share of difficulties. Among them was Charlotte Salgado, fondly known as Tats, who found herself seeking solace in the quaint city of Baguio for over a year. Tats had previously worked as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Dubai for five years before returning to her homeland, the Philippines.

Separated from her hometown but not disconnected from its heartbeat, Tats stayed attuned to the trends unfolding in San Manuel. Social media, particularly Facebook, became her window into the lives of her San Manueleño friends. It was here that she first heard whispers of a tantalizing creation called Gourmet Tuyo, a culinary delight making waves in her community. Intrigued by the concept, Tats requested her niece, who was studying in Baguio, to bring her a bottle to taste. Yet, life had other plans, and her niece repeatedly forgot the request.

Unyielding in her desire to savor this newfound sensation, Tats embarked on her own culinary adventure, experimenting with her homemade Gourmet Tuyo recipe. Armed with determination and a heart open to feedback, she shared her creations with her neighbors. Their input became her compass, guiding her through successive recipe iterations until she perfected her Gourmet Tuyo.


Then, fate knocked on her door in the form of a family invitation. Despite past conflicts, Tats decided to set aside differences and returned home to celebrate her sister’s wedding. Little did she know that this reunion would mark a turning point. A peculiar aroma in the air piqued her curiosity, and she discovered her brother-in-law enjoying a bottle of Gourmet Tuyo. However, an off-putting scent tainted the experience.

In a twist of fate, Tats stepped in and volunteered to whip up a fresh batch. Armed with ingredients from the market and her perfected recipe, she prepared a batch that earned her family’s seal of approval. Their enthusiasm and encouragement gave her the push she needed. Tats realized that this culinary talent could mend bonds and create new opportunities.

With unwavering determination and the support of her family, Tats embarked on a journey to transform her love for Gourmet Tuyo into a thriving business. In a time of financial uncertainty, the idea of entrepreneurship was a beacon of hope. Her vision extended beyond flavor, encompassing unity and growth. Her decision to stay was driven not only by her desire to build a business but also to mend the frayed threads of familial relationships.


Beyond financial gains, Gourmet Tuyo became a bridge that reconnected Tats with her extended family. Conversations with cousins and relatives who were once distant were rekindled, their lives now intertwined by the threads of flavors and shared aspirations.

Tats Salgado’s journey from Dubai to Baguio, from conflict to connection, exemplifies the extraordinary power of a simple dish to catalyze change. Through determination, resilience, and the pursuit of passion, she turned a personal craving into a source of joy for countless others. Her story serves as a reminder that life’s twists and turns can lead us to places we never imagined, and it’s in those unexpected moments that we often discover our true purpose.

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