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online lending apps
Beware: The Dangers of Illegal Online Lending Apps
Borrowers should exercise caution when dealing with online lending apps, as some may engage in illegal...
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Business Permit
Obtaining and Renewing Business Permits in the Philippines
Prioritizing the acquisition of a business permit is imperative for small business owners, as it not...
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witholding tax on online businss
Unveiling the Impact and Opportunities of the 1% Withholding Tax on Online Sellers
Explore the implications of the "1% withholding tax on online sellers" in the Philippines, its impact...
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Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant 101: what you need to know
Virtual assistants, the behind-the-scenes wizards of business operations, offer a flexible and cost-effective...
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Philippine Tax Compliance for Online Businesses: Registration and Taxation Guidelines
Amidst the evolving digital commerce landscape in the Philippines, Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 60-2020...
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7 Essential Money Management Tips for Newlywed Couples
For newlyweds embarking on the journey of managing joint finances, these crucial tips, spanning from...
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